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Anthracite Water Filter
anthracite water filter

The company is located in the beiliu industrial Park,the largest manufacturing base for anthracite filter in yangcheng county,Shanxi Province.Using anthracite as a filter during the absorption process of purifying water is a currently popular technology,because anthracite shows good chemical durability in liquids and does not dissolve in most acid,acid and neutral liquids. Anthracite filter is also widely used in the water treatment of every walk of life,including the industries of chemistry, petrol,steel and electric power and of course the sea water and the drinking water.during the process of water treatment,the anthracite filter can produce consistent-sized grains which absord a variety of pollutants such as pesticide,DBPS and traces of organic pollutants,effectively preventing the synthesizing of THMs and Halogenated acetic acid and successfully removing heavy metal,such as iron,magnesium,copper,mercury,chromium and a word,anthracite is generally considered as the most ideal and environmentally friendly filter material in the word.The filter material produced in our company undoubtedly meet the exact standard set by the CJ/T43-2005 document(published by the Ministry of Construction of PRC)and GRAIN-SIZED Filter document(published by America).