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Last year's global iron output of 1.18 billion tons
来源:global network hardware in the 2015-2-3

International steel association, according to data released latest global pig iron production of 1.179 billion t, 2014, slightly higher than the previous year of 1.165 billion t, up 1.2% from a year earlier. The data cover 38 countries and regions in the world production of pig iron, accounted for 99% of global output of pig iron in 2013.

Last year, Asia, Europe, South America pig iron production year-on-year growth, but the decline in cis countries, North America and Oceania. Output growth by China, India, South Korea and China Taiwan, 2014 Asia iron production rose 1.5%, to 911 million t, 13 million t. Japan pig iron production has remained at the levels of 83.9 million t.

Due to the influence of the political crisis in Ukraine, last year, pig production fell 4.3 million t, year-on-year plunged 15% to 24.8 million t. Although Russia and kazakhstan pig iron production keeps growing, the commonwealth of independent states pig iron production still fell 2.9% year on year to 79.5 million t.

In 2014, the European Union pig iron production of 95.1 million t 28 countries, up 2.7% from a year earlier. The German pig iron production rose 1.7% year-on-year, the French and British production also keep growing, but Italy and Austria production decline. Edged down 0.6% on last year, the north American pig iron production, fell to 41.1 million t, of which the production of pig iron, 29.3 million t, fell 3.2%. South American production of pig iron, 30.6 million t, up 1.9% from a year earlier, the Brazilian iron production is 26.9 million t, up 2.7% from a year earlier.