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The composite manhole cover

Product introduction:

1 . The composite manhole cover with unsaturated polyester resin as matrix of fiber reinforced thermoset composites, also known as the ball Shaped mould plastic (DMC) , made from pressure molding technology, it is a new type of environmentally friendly power plate.

2. Composite manhole cover using a high temperature and high pressure molding technology, high degree of polymerization, density, good resistance to impact And the tensile strength, with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no pollution, free maintenance, etc. Second, the product features: Enhanced composite manhole covers internal use mesh reinforcement, special strengthen key mechanical parts, in the event of the inevitable

The impact force, can rapidly spread pressure the car safety guarantee. To learn more composite manhole cover related information, please log in The composite manhole cover website ( ) , there are more wonderful and more detailed. Composite manhole covers do not contain metal, stone and concrete cover covers the total weight of steel skeleton is less than the cover

1/10 . no How much worth stealing. And because the LIDS, high strength, To be taken from the manhole cover this a little bit of steel bar is extremely difficult. So, the thief don't steal.