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Cast iron manhole covers

Manhole covers are divided into nodular cast iron manhole covers and grey cast iron manhole covers, in general, the same weight of ductile cast iron manhole covers compressive ability strong than grey iron manhole covers. Materials used generally for HT200 gray iron manhole covers, ductile manhole covers the material is commonly QT500-7.

Nodular cast iron manhole covers mainly made of nodular cast iron manhole covers, by the quality of the manhole cover spheroidization rate leads to the problem. Commonly used coating is antirust processing castings bituminous paint, the surface of nodular cast iron manhole cover, of course, is through spraying antirust bituminous paint processing. Nodular cast iron manhole cover has an advantage, it is because of nodular cast iron with high intensity, good toughness and makes ductile casting manhole cover than light grey cast iron manhole covers about 30% of the same type